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Glad to hear you want to start using the kiosk, let’s check if you have everything you’ve ordered. Next step is to assemble the kiosk. Here are the step by step instructions to assemble kiosk. It takes just a few minutes to be completely assembled.


What you’ll need: Standard Phillips Head Screwdriver, box cutter (optional) 

Steps to assemble the kiosk:

1. Open up the box, follow the tape on top to peel or cut along the edges.

2. Open the box to reveal the hardware included with your kiosk enclosure.

3. First, remove the base. It’s a bit heavy but provides the support that’s needed for the whole kiosk. The rest of the kiosk will be built on top of this. Note: the screw side is the back and the side with the black pads on the corners is the bottom

4. Take out the box of screws, you’ll need the the base screws and the neck of the kiosk. 

(Note: pull out the wire from the bottom out) Align the the 4 screw holes with the base holes. The kiosk head should be facing front.

5. Grab the Screw Cover and remove the top by sliding it towards you. Put the large section through the head and pop it through so the two front holes are aligned with the base front holes.

6. There should be two types of base screws (2 short, 2 long) one slightly longer than the other. The two short screws are used for the back two holes of the neck and base. Screw them in all the way to the bottom. (Note: the wire should stay forward and above every hole throughout this build)

7. Align the the screw cover holes with the two front holes of the base and neck. Screws them in all the way to the bottom so that the base, neck and screw cover are connected together. 

8. There should be keys to unlock and lock the connection to the head and neck with magnets. Take the keys out.

9. Unwrap the head and place it on the top of the neck. The magnets should help set the head in place but make sure to lock the it in place. (Note: Make sure the swiper is on the right hand side) 

10. Now that your kiosk is built, to put the iPad inside the head you will need to remove the head from the neck by unlocking it. Then pull together the clamps on the head that connect to the neck and the faceplate should be ready to remove. 

11. Place the iPad with the charging port (lightning port) into the swiper. Then turn the green knobs on the left clockwise to lock the iPad in place. 

12. Pop the faceplate back on and lock the kiosk in place, make sure the home button of the iPad is covered. 

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