How to get the iPad inside the kiosk

1. Use the specialized key and insert it in the neck to unlock and remove the head of the kiosk. Note: the kiosk head is connected to the neck with magnets so you have to pull forward a bit to get it off and don’t have to worry about it falling as soon as you unlock the kiosk.

2. Then squeeze the clamps right above and below the metal connector together until the face plate loosens and pull the faceplate off. Note: if the faceplate doesn’t come right off, keep the clamps squeezed and with your other hand pull off the faceplate.

3. Place the iPad with the charging port (lightning port) into the swiper. Then turn the green knobs on the left clockwise to lock the ipad in place. 

Before you put the faceplate back on follow these steps:

4. Make sure the iPad is connected to the correct WiFi network by clicking on  Settings and tapping on WiFi. Note: make sure the kitchen iPad will be connected to the same WiFi.


5. Once it’s on the correct WiFi, go to home screen and look for the Foodli Admin App or (FoodliRestaurants). 

6. It may take you to a login screen, please enter your username and password. You will be automatically sent to the sync screen; the app will now pull all the menu items including modifiers and images. Make sure to let the sync complete. Note: if the sync for some reason stops, tap the X on the top left and tap on sync again. 

7. Once sync is complete, tap on the “Customer Kiosk” option, then tap the screen to go through to make sure the menu looks fine. Note: if a white bar shows up on the bottom, you will need to close the app by double tapping on the home button and sliding on the app icon tile. 

If you have two or more kiosks, make sure to go to the Foodli in app settings and change the Order Prefix from K to a different letter on the second kiosk so the orders can be differentiated. For example, if both Kiosks have K- as the prefix, you could see two orders with K-1 as the order number. Assigning different prefix to each kiosk is required to distinguish between these orders.

Once you are done, tap the Save button, then close the app by double tapping the home button then slide up on the app tile. Reopen the app and new settings will be in effect. 

How to set up the Kitchen Manager to start receiving orders placed by customers.

1. Grab the kitchen Printer (TSP100 WiFi and LAN or SP7000 Impact Printers Series- WiFi and LAN) and plug it into the outlet. Make sure the printer is connected to the internet. Note: You will either plug the printer into the internet router via the ethernet port or tap the WPS button. For a more comprehensive guide send an email to [email protected]


2. We need the printer address, so turn the printer off, then while holding the feed button, turn the printer back on. Two receipts should print out, keep both because we will need them for the setup. The important numbers we need are the IP Address, a series of numbers and periods. 

3. Grab the iPad dedicated to the kitchen, and go to the iPad settings on the home screen. Then tap on WiFi and make sure the iPad and printer are connected to the same internet. 

4. Open up the Foodli Admin app, login and let everything sync; there should be a dialogue box letting you know it’s complete.

5. Then go to the Foodli in app settings and scroll down to Kitchen Manager settings and mimic these settings except for the IP Address. That we will copy from the receipt. Make sure the format for the address is TCP: “followed by the IP Address” ie TCP:

6. Then tap save and close the app by tapping the home button twice, then sliding the Foodli tile upwards. Reopen the in-app settings and tap test print all the way at the bottom of the menu. There should be a ticket printed with a fake item.

7. Once you exit out of settings by tapping on the top left X, you should be taken to the home screen where "Order Manager" is highlighted in green. This means “Auto Receive” and “Auto Accept” orders is on. If not, simply go to in-app settings and enable them under “Kitchen Manager” settings. (See image above)

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