1. First you will need to go to settings on the home screen, it’s this icon.

2. Scroll down to Display & Brightness which should be labeled on the left hand side. Next, adjust your brightness to max level and set your Auto-Lock to "Never". Once completed, it should look like the image below. 

3. Scroll to General, look for the Accessibility tab towards the bottom and tap on it. It will take you the part of settings that will enable you to lock the iPad but you will need to follow these steps carefully. 


4. Then tap on the Guided Access option, it will take you to more menu options. Note: You need to enable Guided Access to get the menu options to set it up.

5. Then tap Passcode Settings, it will ask you to enter a passcode when you put the Foodli Admin app into, then re-enter the same pin to confirm it. Note: This can be same as the unlock code for the iPad but I would recommend setting a different one that’s memorable.


6. Then go to Mirror Display and make sure it’s checked to green, that means the screen will not go dim when the Foodli Admin App is running in kiosk mode. 

7. Under Settings go to your General tab and select Keyboards. After selecting Keyboards, turn off the Check Spelling tab. Please see the image below for how your screen should appear. 

8. To remove your Auto-Brightness please go to your General tab and then select Display Accommodations and turn off the Auto-Brightness switch. Please see the image below for the correct settings. 

9. To enable Guided Access, open the Foodli Admin App and go to Customer Kiosk. Make sure it says reader attached on the bottom right. Then quickly triple tap the home button. Guided Access should start and lock the kiosk App into place. To get out of Guided Access, simply triple tap the home button again and the iPad will prompt you to enter the Guided Access passcode. Note: Every time you get the passcode wrong, the time will keep extending until you can re-enter the passcode to turn off Guided Access. 

NOTE: Please remember that code, there is no way to recover or reset the Guided Access, so must remember or safe keep this code.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected] or start a live chat and a team member will be happy to help.

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