When you sign up with Foodli, you will receive your kiosks and kitchen manager unit - both which will be iPads with the same Foodli software installed. The Foodli Kiosks are customer facing while the Kitchen Manager is for you and your staff to receive, automatically print, and control orders. 


(Kitchen Manager iPad set up)

First we will go through the settings of Foodli Admin App for the Foodli Kiosk these steps are very simple.

  1. Grab the iPads that go into the Foodli Kiosk, if you’re not logged into the Foodli Admin App, please do (make sure the iPads are all connect to Wi-Fi). Once signed in, the Foodli App will start a sync, let it complete on all devices. The sync downloads all the menu information like items, modifiers and images. Note: all devices (kiosk iPads and Kitchen manager iPads) MUST be synced otherwise orders will not go through.

2. Once the sync is complete tap on in-app Settings tab. 

3. Once in Settings, you will see they’re broken down into different categories like Kiosk and Kitchen Manager. But the first setting are for Launch just in case the app closes and can go back to Customer Kiosk automatically. You can change the amount for the countdown to go back into the Customer Kiosk, this will give you more time just in case you want to exit out to get into the Foodli home screen. 

4. Below those settings are more Customer Kiosk settings; the ability to change the number of menu items showing up at once, enabling search and comments for customers. You have the ability to make ordering extremely easy for your customers.

5. Once you’ve selected the settings, scroll all the way to the bottom of the settings screen and tap on Save. A small alert will appear letting you know that the settings are saved but for the settings to take affect you will need to close the app. Double tap on the home button then slide up on the app tile.

Now we will move on to the Kitchen Manager settings specifically how to setup auto-receiving orders and auto-printing. 

1. Grab the Kitchen Manager iPad this lets the staff interact with the orders along with printing the orders automatically. Open the Foodli Admin App, go to the in app settings tab and scroll down to Kitchen Manager. 

2. Tap on Auto Receive Orders and Auto Accept orders, this means that the orders will automatically show-up once placed on the kiosk. We recommend that Auto Accept and Auto Print orders be selected leaving less work for your staff to do. (In this guide we’ll only be going over single printer configuration)

3. Then select Single Printer Configuration, this will give you more options of model and the printer IP Address (Note: make sure you enter TCP: before the IP Address)

4. Once completed tap on Save - a prompt will appear to close the app and reopen the Foodli App. Go back into settings and tap on test print all the way towards the bottom, a ticket will appear with a fake item.

These are the best and simplest settings for the Foodli Self Service Kiosk and Kitchen Manager. Once setup, your kiosk and staff are all ready to go. Under most circumstances, you should not need to make any new changes. However, if you do, please feel welcome to contact us directly - [email protected] or message us through our website. 

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