The Foodli Kiosk interface has the ability to present beautiful photos of menu items. This greatly enhances the customer's browsing experience and makes it easier for them to choose what they like.

By default, the kiosk interface will try to load all of the menu photos at once the first time the interface is touched. This works fine if you have small number of menu items or are using small or low quality/sized photos.

We recommend preloading the images. This will deliver a smooth experience for the customer, and best of all we have made it super easy.

Lets get started. Launch Foodli Merchants app on your kiosk iPad (if you have multiple iPads, the step needs to be repeated on each iPad).

Once you tap on the Menu Manager, you will see the following screen. Lets start by cleaning any images that have already been preloaded. Tap the "Clear Preloaded Menu Item Images", and you will get an confirmation.

Then you can tap "Pre-load Menu Item Images".

This will start loading each item's image. 

You will be alerted once all the images have been preloaded.

Note: Once the system preloads the images it will retain them locally on the iPad until you choose to clear the images.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected] or start a live chat and a team member will be happy to help. 

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